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  • To bring to you the world's best music!
  • To bring exposure to East European music and groups worldwide;
  • To provide radio imaging services for Eastern Europe and the CIS.

     Today's Ukraine is a Nation of youth seeking out their own identity as a Nation and at the same time looking westward for opportunity that was previously unavailable. Throughout the entire Country, this scenario holds true. Young people of Ukraine want to be a part of the World community and enjoy the benefits that go along with learning and understanding westernism and the English language. This fact, along with the love of western music and curiosity surrounding it, leads to the obvious conclusion: young people are eager for opportunities to expand their horizons, are open to new and interesting ideas, which our programming brings to them, a window to the world.

     DJ Kenny Mac brings to the listener easy to understand bi-lingual programs:

Radio program "Culture Mix"

URBAN music

Radio program "Rock Planet"

ROCK music

Radio program "Coffee Break"


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     The development and production of all programming, are created and executed primarily by American Ken Laymance (DJ Kenny Mac) and Ukrainian Olena Savenko for the Europeon and CIS audience.

(past and present)

  • Kyiv, Ukraine - Power FM (104.0 FM)
  • Warsaw, Poland - Radio94 (94.0 FM)
  • Dniepropetrovs'k, Ukraine - Power FM (104.0 FM)
  • Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine - Radio Universe (100.8 FM)
  • Sevastopol, Ukraine (Crimea) - Radio Breeze* (102.0 FM)

*Radio Breeze - ShortWave 72.02 Europe Wide

*Radio Breeze - MiddleWave 1476 Europe Wide







DJ Kenny Mac 

Ken Laymance - DJ Kenny Mac, having lived through the "Woodstock" era, combine's successes as both a Musician and American Top 40 DJ. This fact, coupled with having been in Ukraine since 1996, presents the author with a unique understanding of his Ukrainian audience.

    !!!Check this out!!! - Kenny Mac and his band at only 13 years old!
    Seated on the far left, and with 2 records out, "Billy and the Kids" (later "Double Image") performed with such bands as "Sonny and Cher", "Vanilla Fudge", "Tommy James and the Shondells", "The Kingsmen" (from "Louie Louie" fame), "Paul Revere and the Raiders", "The Sonics", "The 5th Dimension" (with Merlyn McKoo), "Dino Desi & Billy", etc.


    Home State: Washington
    Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and some Polish.
    Radio Experience: Began at age 16 with KPQ am in central Washington state. Later With KMEL AM, KRLD AM, KFM FM, as well as Radio Slovakia International from Bratislava. In the summer of 2002 created and hosted "The English Hour" from the Capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. Later with the new name "Rock Planet", the program has been on the air in Kyiv, Dniepropetrovsk, Kherson, Sumi, Sevastopol, Zaporizhzhya, and internationally in Poland, Warsaw. Currently working on several new projects.
    Favorite Music: Rock music of many types including Hard, Metal, Classic, AOR and Progressive.
    Ambition: To bring great music back to Radio and produce entertaining International Radio programs second to none.

Olena Savenko - having University degrees in both English and Ukrainian, as well as a Music graduate, Olena brings a unique and much needed expertise to our programming team. Now being a three year veteran of major market radio (including on air) Olena has a defined talent and unique understanding to offer her Country.

Olena Savenko

    Home Country: Ukraine
    Home City: Nova Kakhovka
    Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.
    Radio Experience: Began at age 25 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the summer of 2002 together with DJ Kenny Mac created "The English Hour" from the Capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv for 18 months. Later started to produce the radio show "Rock Planet" in Ukraine and Poland. Currently working on several new projects.
    Favorite Music: Many genres of quality world music including rock music of many types, R & B, trip-hop and others.
    Ambition: To bring great new music to Radio and produce interesting entertaining Radio programs second to none. To teach our audience English language.

Press conference
Robert Plant
(Kyiv, Ukraine, 2003)

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