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    If you are in need of quality video production, whether it's music videos, commercials, news production, or any related project, you should serioulsly consider Ukraine. We can help you in utilizing the countries top talent in producing a world class product at extremely competitve rates. Some great demos available. Contact

    The following is a general overview of the Country and our place in it.
    Check it out.

    Today’s Ukraine is a Nation of youth seeking out their own identity as a Country and at the same time looking westward for opportunities that were previously unavailable. Throughout the entire Country, this scenario holds true.

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    Being highly educated and loaded with talent, the young people of Ukraine desire to be a part of the world community. They are eagerly developing an understanding of western culture and the english language.

    This fact, coupled with the love of western music and curiosity surrounding it, leads to the obvious conclusion. This style of programming works. Not only for Radio but for Televison as well.

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    The bottom line is, the young generation want it. They hunger for the opportunity to expand their horizons.

In that context, we bring an organisation with one foot in the West and one in Ukraine. We bring Western professionalism with a full understanding of our Ukrainain audience.

    DESCRIPTION: Entertaining and educational program for Ukrainian youth and whoever is interested in the English language. Multi formated quality music is used in the program as a audio-visual aide for learning English with a native speaker DJ Kenny Mac. Dialogues include both English and Ukrainian (possible Russian), delivered in an educational and entertaining manner.

    TARGET AUDIENCE: age: 13 – 40; audience: primary school students, college and university students, teachers of the English language, managers and other workers, various Firms with a need for ongoing exposure to native english presented in the "mix" of a musical program.

    ADVANTAGES: Uniquely one of a kind, original, promotes interaction between Radio and Television in the form of cross advertising. Interaction and parallel existence of two programs shared on Television and radio with host DJ Kenny Mac.


Feel free to write us to find out more! djkennymac@ukr.net

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