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Radio program "Rock Planet"
Radio program "ROCK PLANET"


Radio program "ROCK PLANET"



Program duration / weekly: 55-57 min. / 2 times weekly (2nd time is a replay)

Format target: The audience is primarily 16-35 years in age, 60% male, enjoying good alternative music as well as the English language presented and translated to them in a highly professional, educational and entertaining fashion. This would include automobile owners, office workers, home stereo system owners, students, (especially advanced educational curriculum), foreign company Directors and employees, ex-pats, etc.

Music type: New Rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock etc.

    Rock Planet is a revolutionary new concept in Eastern radio broadcasting. It is the first show of its type in the Eastern Europe and entire former USSR. Its dialogue includes both English and Ukrainian or Poland or Russian, delivered in an educational and entertaining format.
    Rock Planet brings a "Western" studio production quality, bringing "excitement" and professionalism to new levels in Eastern European broadcast media.
    Rock Planet brings to the listener a form of entertainment and education that is unmatched. It brings a genuine piece of "Americana" and "Westernism" into their lives.
    Finally, Rock Planet brings a founder and host who, having lived through the "Woodstock" era, combine's successes as both a Musician and American Top 40 DJ. This fact, coupled with having been in Ukraine since 1996, presents the author with a unique understanding of his Ukrainian and East European audience.


    Rock Planet is a one-hour program produced in our Kyiv studio for replay on the air in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. This fact provides the creator with the ability to produce skits, bridges, and transitions that are of high quality, interesting, and highly entertaining to the listener.
    One highly popular skit is "English you will never learn in school". Using American and English slang that listeners find amusing and interesting, ie; hammered, smooch, yummy, what's up, goofy, etc.
    The musical format is a well-mixed combination of Classic Rock to current international Rock favorites. We are aware that there is a substantial amount of Classic Rock music that has never been heard or broadcast in Ukraine/Poland/Russia until now, through our program.


    Rock Planet began it's first program (under the name "English Hour") in Ukraine in the summer of 2000 in the cities of Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk on PowerFM. A few months later the Kherson Oblast was included through Avto Radio 105.6FM until we stopped the show in November 2004. After changes in the format of POWER FM we stopped our show there in December 2003. From June 2004 till November 2004 radio program Rock Planet was on such radio stations as: Radio "VseSWEET" 101,4FM in Sumy, Radio "BREEZE" 102,0FM in Sevastopol, Radio "UNIVERSE" 100,8FM in Zaporizhzhya.


    Rock Planet began it's first program in Poland in February 2004 in Warsaw on Radio 94FM. In November 2004 we stopped our colloboration with Radio94FM

    Internationally, interest expressed such radiostations as Star-FM Berlin, KWH Riga, Radio-Mania Tallinn, and Radio Roks St. Petersburg.


    Current western world music trends are showing a continual resurgence in the popularity of Rock music, with a marked decline in the "Pop" music format. Listeners complain of Pop music's "artificial and manufactured" sound. Ukraine is just beginning to experience this same scenario among the young to middle-aged listener.
    The fact is that "Rock Planet" is considered by our Ukrainian listeners as their only alternative to hear what is really "trendy" in the west. By their own words we are considered "very, very cool"...the only "Big City", highly respected, modern radio program in the country.


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