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    Current western world music trends are showing a continual resurgence in the popularity of Hip-Hop and Rock music, with a marked decline in the "Pop" music format. Listeners complain of Pop music's "artificial and manufactured" sound. Ukraine is just beginning to experience this same scenario among the young to middle-aged listener.

We are involved with projects in other spheres of "music" media including television.

Our interests are:



    Our radio programs are the most professionally made entertaining programs, which bring a "Western" studio production quality as well as "excitement" and professionalism to new levels in Ukrainian broadcast media. Their dialogues include both English and Ukrainian (possible Russian and Polish), delivered in an educational and entertaining manner. This makes our programs unique and different.

    The average young to middle aged Ukrainian possesses a strong desire and interest in being part of a Western style society and considers English to be a very important factor in his or her life and business success. And in our radio shows we bring English language skills, mixed with Ukrainian (Polish or Russian), in an educational, understandable, and entertaining fashion.

    We are aware that there is a substantial amount of music we are playing in our programs has never been heard or broadcast in Ukraine until now, through our shows.

    We are aslo working on radio imaging as well as radio commercials. See more in Services

    Futher are given short descriptions of all our radio shows. You can also listen to our demo versions.

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Radio program

    Radio Program "CULTURE MIX" is our new project.
Music type: URBAN music: Hip-hop, Trip-hop R&B/Soul and New rock.

    The “Urban” Radio format is indisputably #1 in the world among young listeners. It is a proven format that cannot be ignored.

    “Culture Mix” reflects this format. And in so doing provides an “image” of everything what is “trendy” and “fashionable”.

    We are excited about the prospects for this program and it's success in Ukraine and in other East European countries.


Radio program

    "ROCK PLANET" is a revolutionary new concept in Ukrainian radio broadcasting. It is the first show of its type in the entire former USSR.
Music type: New Rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock etc.

    One highly popular skit is "English you will never learn in school". Using American and English slang that listeners find amusing and interesting, ie; hammered, smooch, yummy, what's up, goofy, etc.


Radio program

    Musical format of the program is various types of easy listening music, which will not leave any of our listeners indifferent.
Music type: Mo Town, Soul music, Soft Rock, Blues, Country etc.

    Radio Show "COFFEE BREAK" can be used as a segment of the morning show or as a separate program.



    Today’s Ukraine is a Nation of youth seeking out their own identity as a Nation and at the same time looking westward for opportunity that was previously unavailable. Throughout the entire Country, this scenario holds true. Young people of Ukraine want to be a part of the World community and enjoy the benefits that go along with learning and understanding westernism and the English language. This fact, along with the love of western music and curiosity surrounding it, leads to the obvious conclusion. What has worked in Radio through our program can and will bring a greater degree of success through Television. The bottom line is, young people want it. They hunger for the opportunity to expand their horizons. We have a unique program, which can offer them exactly that.



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