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:: Lyrics and chords: "HIM" ::



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Intro: Em-C- (Em-you play: 6-4-3-1-2-3-once, but C you play sliding your thumb from the 5th string along all other strings)

Em             D
She was the sun
Shining upon
Am                Em           D           Em  C
-(as in intro)
The tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail
Em             D
He was the moon
Painting you
Am       Em       D        C C-C-C-D
With it's glow so vulnerable and pale


                Em          Hm
Love's the funeral of hearts
C            G   D
And an ode for cruelty
Em           Hm
When angels cry blood
C                     G  D
On flowers of evil in bloom

       Em          Hm
The funeral of hearts
C          G    D
And a plea for mercy
Em        Hm
When love is a gun
C                    G D
Separating me from you

(here you play intro as at the beginning)

Em              D                  G
She was the wind, carrying in
Am              Em               D
All the troubles and fears here for years
           Em    C-(as in intro)
tried to forget
Em             D
He was the fire,
restless and wild
Am   Em          D                 C    C-C-C-D
And you were like a moth to that flame


C               D                H7
The heretic seal beyond divine
C        D           C
Pray to god who's deaf and blind
D                            H7
The last night's the soul's on fire
C                   D        C
Three little words and a question why

Then you play a transition from Em to F#m:
then several times
C on the 3 fret,
on words Love's the.... first you play
D, and then as written further...


(D)           F#m        C#m
Love's the funeral of hearts
D             A   E
And an ode for cruelty
F#m        C#m
When angels cry blood
D                       A    E
On flowers of evil in bloom

       F#m        C#m
The funeral of hearts
D          A     E
And a plea for mercy
F#m      C#m
When love is a gun
D                   A   E
Separating me from you

At the end you play F#m first 6-4-3-1-2-3, and then slide your thumb along strings.



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