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Radio program "Culture Mix"
Radio Program "CULTURE MIX"

Radio program "CULTURE MIX"
New project



Program duration / weekly: 30 min. / 3 times weekly.

Format target: 16 to 30, cross gender, enjoying good music as well as the English language presented and translated to them in a highly professional, educational and entertaining fashion. This would include students, automobile owners, office workers, home stereo system owners, etc.

Music type: URBAN music: Hip-hop, Trip-hop R&B/Soul and New rock.
   Radio Program "CULTURE MIX" is our new project. “Culture Mix” is a 30 minute program produced in our Kyiv studio for replay on the air in Ukraine (available in Poland and Russia). Being pre-recorded provides the creator with the ability to produce skits, bridges, and transitions that are of high quality, interesting, and highly entertaining to the listener. Its dialogue includes both English and Ukrainian, delivered in an educational and entertaining format.

     The musical format is urban music: a well-mixed combination of Hip-hop, Trip-hop, R&B, New Rock favorites, etc. Being aware that there is a substantial amount of Urban music that has never been heard or broadcast in Ukraine, and that it leads all other formats with young Western listeners in popularity, we are excited about the prospects for this program and it’s success.

      “Culture Mix” brings a “Western” studio production quality, as well as “excitement” and professionalism to new levels in Ukrainian broadcast media.

     Our goals:

  • To be the “cutting edge” in new trendy music.
  • To bring “excitement” and professionalism to new levels in Ukrainian broadcast media.
  • To provide “Western” studio production quality in Ukraine.
  • To bring the average young to middle aged Ukrainian, English language skills, mixed with Ukrainian, in an educational, understandable, and entertaining fashion.
  • The average young to middle aged Ukrainian possesses a strong desire and interest in being part of a Western style society and considers English to be a very important factor in his or her life and business success.
  • To bring a form of entertainment and education, combined together in a highly professional way.

    Program segments:

    Artist highlights
    Language element (song translation/slang)
    Format education
    Call in (talk in English)
    Call in/SMS (vote)

    Brand Marketing:

    The “Urban” Radio format is indisputably #1 in the world among young listeners. It is a proven format that cannot be ignored.

    “Culture Mix” reflects this format. And in so doing provides an “image” of everything what is “trendy” and “fashionable”. "Culture Mix" will give our Ukrainian listeners an opportunity to hear what is really cool and "trendy" in the west.

    “Culture Mix” is a unique program. It’s the only one of it’s kind in the former USSR or Eastern Europe, produced by a group of professionals who understand what it is to live in Ukraine, and have the savvy to produce the countries top radio programming.


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