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Radio program "Coffee Break"
Radio program

Radio program "COFFEE BREAK"



Program duration / weekly: 8-10 min. / 5 times weekly.

Format target: 20 to 45, cross gender, enjoying good music as well as the English language presented and translated to them in a highly professional, educational and entertaining fashion. This would include office workers, managers, housewives, students, automobile owners, home stereo system owners etc.

Music type: Mo Town, Soul music, Soft Rock, Blues, Country etc.
  Radio Program "COFFEE BREAK" is one of the most professionally made entertaining programs and brings a "Western" studio production quality.
    Radio Show "COFFEE BREAK" is the radio program produced in our Kyiv studio for replay on the air in Ukraine, Poland, or Russia. This fact provides the creator with the ability to produce skits, bridges, and segments that are of high quality, educational, interesting, and highly entertaining to the listener.
    Its dialogue includes both English and Ukrainian, delivered in an educational and entertaining manner.
    Radio Show "COFFEE BREAK" can be used as a segment of the morning show or as a separate program.
    Musical format of the program is various types of easy listening music, which will not leave any of our listeners indifferent.
    Being aware that there is a substantial amount of Mo Town / Soul music that has never been heard or broadcast in Ukraine, and that it is popular among easy radio listeners, we are excited about the prospects for this program and it's success.
    "COFFEE BREAK" brings to the average Ukrainian a form of entertainment and education that is unmatched and very actual nowadays.
    Finally, "COFFEE BREAK" brings a founder and host who, having lived through the "Woodstock" era, combine's successes as both a Musician and American Top 40 DJ. This fact, coupled with having been in Ukraine since 1996, presents the author with a unique understanding of his Ukrainian audience.


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