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     Genre: Art-Rock

     Languages: Ukrainian

     Musical Influences: rock, alternative

     Members of the band:
   Zhydkyh Vitaliy - vocals (bass-guitar)
   Petskovych Oleh - guitar
      The band was formed by Zhydkyh Vitaliy (vocals, bass-guitar) and  Petskovych Oleh (guitar) in 1998. The same year the band recorded a demo album, which included 6 songs. Style of the songs tends to be a symbiosis of art-rock of 90s with hard guitar riffs of 70s.

     The band has been experimenting a lot with various musical trends, inviting session musicians for recordings.
     In 2005 at studio "Apris" (Vinnitsa) the band "Alxemia" (Alchemy) recorded two songs, the distinctive features of which are bright melodies, original arrangements and a commercial sound. These songs are included into a compilation CD " Second breath-4 " of the studio " 100 % Records " (Kiev). The CD will be released on February 2007.

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site: http://alchemy.net.ua

mp3"Nirvana" - /3.9 MB/

mp3"Love" - /3.6 MB/



     Genre: Neo-punk

     Languages: Ukrainian


     For more information about the bands visit their web-site: http://www.yojiki.com.ua


mp3"Zapasni Varianty" - /4 MB/

mp3"Kozhnu myt'" - /3.8 MB/


UNIT XI ex“AmsterdAm”

     Genre: Alternative

     Languages: English

Members of the band:
Max - vocals
Dima - guitar
Igor - drums
Oleg (Sid) - bass 

Bands formation -  2nd of April, 2003

     The band unit XI (ex“AmsterdAm”) was formed by Max and Dima on the 2nd of April 2003 in Kyiv. (“AmsterdAm” was the name of the band till September 2006).
“AmsterdAm” was founded by two musicians Max and Olexandr Shapovalov. The band from Nivki district made an accent on the depth of texts, not burdening listeners with intricacy of melodies. In 2003 Макс has accepted "the napoleonic decision" to find the drummer who would correspond to the general concept of “AmsterdAm”'s music.
     At the university named by T.Shevchenko Max met Dima and the band quickly began to create new material. Suddenly Olexandr left the band and it began to "die". In spring 2004 musicians decided to give the project a second birth. They changed their style of music and started to play alternative (under the influence of Linkin Park). Max started to write lyrics and Dima was writing music.
     After a number of line up changes the band changed its name to "Unit XI" and recorded its first studio demo CD (5tracks) in 2005.

mp3"Deactivate Me" - /1.1 MB/

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     Genre: Neo-punk

     Languages: Ukrainian

     Musical Influences: rock'n'roll, pop-rock, punk

     Members of the band:
   Ryaby Dmytro (МіTRіy)- vocals (bass-guitar)
   Balahtar Basyl' (BеiS) - guitar
   Balahtar Mykhailo (МiKL) - drums

      The band was formed by three brothers on the 1st of April 2004 in Chernivtsi.  First they started to play pop-rock, but later changed it for neo-punk. During 2.5 years of the band's existence, they played nearly on 50 festivals and sessions, including several concerts. (Hotyn, Kam'yanets'-Podil's'ky, Romania. The band shoot a video for the song "Students' holidays" (Students'ki Kanikooly). Musicians have been invited to the local radio and TV stations.

     At the moment the band is working on their first album under a trial name "Vzrosli Dity" (Grown-up Kids).
     Sercevy Napad perform regularly throughout Ukraine, taking part in different festivals, concerts and club gigs.

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site: http://www.sn.cv.ua

mp3" D.I.Y." - /2.7 MB/

mp3"Probach" - /2.8 MB/



     Genre: Rock, Rock-n-Roll

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

     The band "ODPi" was founded in 90s in Kyiv, Ukraine.

     For more information about the band visit their web-site:

mp3"Angely" - /4.4 MB/

mp3"Noviy den'" - /3.9 MB/



     Genre: Pop-Funk, Dance-Fank

     Languages: Russian

Members of the band:
Kudryna Galyna (Gela) - vocals
Zhorov Sergiy (Maestro) - guitar
Sorochenko Vova - bass
Shurygin Daniil - drums

Bands formation - 1996

     Members of the Festivals:
'Perlyny Sezonu' (1997)
'Chervona Ruta' (1996)
'Three years anniversary of Odessa Rock Club' (1997)
'Tribute to Jimmi Hendrix' (1998).

mp3"Beregites' Mal'chiki" - /2.7 MB/

mp3"Zazhigatel' Zvyezd" - /3.1 MB/



     Genre: Alternative

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Members of the band:
Snitko Yevgen - guitar
Snitko Vitaliy - vocals
Oslovs'kiy Anatoliy - vocals, guitar
Kochetkov Olexandr - drums
Atamas' Olexandr - bass-guitar

Bands formation - 2005

     The band "Monkey Dead" was founded in 2005 by two friends from Kyiv Polytechnik Institute in Kyiv, Ukraine.

mp3"Symptom Tvorchosti" - /4 MB/



     Genre: Alternative

     Languages: Ukrainian

Members of the band:
Lilya - vocals, rhythm- (solo-) guitar
Pasha - rhythm- (soloо-) guitar
Sasha - drums
Vadim - bass
Vitaliy - bass-guitar

Bands formation - end of 2004

     The band was founded in 2004 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.


mp3"Zahovaniy Sveet" - /4 MB/

mp3"Ne dlya nas" - /3.6 MB/



     Genre: From hip-hop to alternative

     Languages: Russian, Ukrainian


     For more information about the band visit their web-site:

     Video "Znaydi Mene" /11.3 MB/.

mp3"Znaidy mene" - /2.1 MB/

mp3"Nevidomiy" - /3 MB/



     Genre: Alternative

     Languages: Ukrainian

Members of the band:
Kropol'nytsky "Paket" Andriy - vocals (guitar)
Leontovich "KoysS" Kostya - guitar, vocals
Pankrat'yev "Kobra" Serhiy - drums
Ignatusha "LeXi" Olexiy - bass-guitar

Bands formation - 15.06.2004р.
The first performance of the band - 01.05.2005р.
The first acoustic performance of the band - 24.09.2005р.

     There is  an interesting law that parallel lines can't be crossed, but in "OUR STORMY LIFE" everything is a little bit different, and two young bands, being completely parallel, according to their location, world views and styles managed to grow into "something". (Here "something meaning the band "PICK-UP").
      Everything began from the point when KoysS and LeXi, sometime in 2002 were left without their drummer, so their then popular Kyiv band, "L.I.F.Т.4" ceased to exist. During the next two years, the guys were searching for "something", while wandering in this world.
      During this time, somewhere in a "far-far away galaxy", namely the "air" city of Boryspil, there existed another popular band "Sanitary", from which Paket was one of the vocalists and Kobra played bass. But at some point their activity also reached a deadlock.
      So, during the beginning of 2004 mutual friend of Paket and KoysS introduced them to each other, and after half a year of friendship, the new friends decided to create a new band. KoysS invited LeXi to play the bass, and Paket, not looking anywhere else, decided to appoint Kobra as the drummer. This was all great, but the guys couldn't find an appropriate name for their new band, so just before their first performance, when they had to write "something' down on their flyer, the name PICK-UP was invented.
      The Musicians consider  "PICK-UP" not only an alternative band but "something" meaning a family ...


mp3"Chas" - /10 MB/




     Genre: Rock

     Languages: English

     Musical Influences: Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n Roses)

     The one-man band Freeky Cleen was started in 2004 when Ilya Polishchuk (guitars, bass, drums, percussion and vocals) and Alex Okhrimenko (tech) decided to challenge the world’s leading recording labels by creating their own home studio. They made the recording equipment themselves to get the unique sound facilities which would make them different from the other Kyiv studios - mostly offering pop-oriented sound at the time.
     Ilya came to try the new gear and he got so involved with searching something new as far as the sound is concerned that he took a chance to capture a few original songs previously kept in cold storage. As a result of this blistering effort FC’s debut album Infertility was released in 2005. The boys went on to develop a better sound which led them to create a new album entitled Augean Stables.
     The guys realized they lived in a bad time for rock ‘n’ roll but they were still determined to do their bits for building another home of true rock spirit.

     For more information about the band visit their web-site:

     Have a taste of that straightahead gritty rock – absolutely free of trendy shit!

mp3"Another Devil's Fool" - /6.45 MB/

mp3"Learned My Lesson" - /4.1 MB/



     Genre: Grange-power-progressive-rock with elements of hard core

     Languages: Only Ukrainian

Members of the band:
Stanislav - vocals, lyrics/music author
Andriy - guitar, back vocals, lyrics/music author
Olexandr - drums, violin
Taras - keyboards, editing
Vitaliy - bass-guitar

Bands formation - 2004


     For more information about the band visit their web-site:

mp3"Ya vse skazav" - /4.8 MB/




     Genre: Rock, rock'n'roll

     Languages: Russian

     The band was founded in 1996 by Roman Sorokin and Mykola Didusenko in Mariupol, Ukraine. There have been a number of line up changes, but the vocalist, author and composer, Roman Sorokin, remains the permanent frontman of the band.
     It's ironic that the name of the band that was taken, later describes the bands halt in 1998 and rise again in 2004. the downtime seeming like a lethargic dream (sopor). Voloshyn and Sorokin decided to wake the band up, cuz they just couldn't see themselves without any musical creative work.
     In autumn 2005 the band "Letargiya" passed the fifth elimination round of the  open festival of youth culture of Donbass ie; "Moloda Khvylya". In summer of the same year the band took first place in the nomination of "MX ROCK".
     Watch for "Letargiya" shows at various festivals and concerts.

mp3"Otvet" - /1.25 MB/




     Genre: rock'n'roll, folk rock

     Languages: Ukrainian, English

     The band "Kvartira" is a new project, created by the leaders of the legendary band "Kvartira 50". Their album was released on Atlantic Records in the series "Rock Legends of Ukraine". The band "Kvartira 50" were among the original founders of the Kyiv Rock Club.

    «Kvartira 50» was one of the first Kyiv bands to record a studio cassette album. In August 1987 their cassette "Shvydka Dopomoga" spread throughout the record collections of Kyiv rock'n'roll fans. In December 1988 they released another album called «Golosuyite za Mittel Shnautsera".
     Later the band left for Yugoslavia, staying quite some time, and eventually split into two groups: the trio "Bardak" and "Flat Forty".

     Now the band is called "Kvartira". A new name and  new music.
     The bands new album will be released in Ukraine in 2006. Don't miss it! :)

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site:

mp3"Chuyesh Ty" - /4.87 MB/

mp3"Jealousy" - /3.98 MB/



     Genre: Pop-Rock

     Languages: Ukrainian

     Great lyrics accompanying a soft sound. Quality music.
     Talented band from Ivano-Frankivs'k "Khvylyu Trymai" was founded in 1996. After unquestioned success in the festival "Perlyny Sezonu-98" with their song "Hey-Hi!" and after a heavy rotation of their video clip for this song on Ukrainian TV channel Biz TV, the whole country began to sympathize with these cheerful guys with guitars.
      Before winter 2003 the band had already recorded and nearly finished the final mix of their debut album, songs from which had already been showcased throughout different performances of the band. In addition, the band had already had two video clips for the songs "Hey-Hi!" (DVision) and "Poletym..." (V.Pryduvalov).
      In February 2004 the band finally came to an agreement with the company "Hunter Music”, which is an exclusive representative of "Sony Music” in Ukraine, to release their debut album. The first album had several different work names like "More" (The Sea), "Zyma proyishla" (The Winter has passed") and others, but it was released under its first name "Khvylyu Trymai"(Keep the Wave).
     The band "Khvylyu Trymai" frequently perform at various concerts in different cities and towns of Ukraine.

         For more information about the bands visit their web-site:
mp3Hey Hi - /3.12 MB/



     Genre: Rock

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

     Musical Influences: rock, heavy metal, alternative (Linkin Park, Offspring, Incubus, Blink 182)

     The band was found in 2004. Originally the band was known as "Radius Deistviya" (Radius of Action). After 6 shows, a new band emerged taking on the name "Byte Sklo". After additional line up changes the founders of the band invited a new drummer and "Byte Sklo" set their personal record: 10 shows with the same members..... and counting.
     You can see "Byte Sklo" perform during different club gigs and various shows and  concerts.

     For more information about the band visit their web-site:

mp3"Vmeste" - /3.79 MB/




     Genre: Rock

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

     Solid songwriting from one of  Ukrainian's best  bands. These Kyiv rockers let their music do the talking. The band was created in July 2003 and by the end of the year musicians has already recordered 3 songs of their debut album: "Gde Ti", "Plastelin" and "Slishish". The same year the band made their video for the song "Gde Ti". In 2005 "MORS" finished their work on their debut album.

     You can see "MORS" performing during different club gigs.

mp3"Slishish" - /3.65 MB/

mp3"Where are you" - /2.44 MB/



     Genre: Rock

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

     Musical Influences: rock'n'roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, surf, ska, swing

     The band was formed in late 1991 by Vadim Krasnooky and, after a number of line up changes, became one of the most successful rock bands in Ukraine.
     In February 2004 musicians decided to prepare a concert set with a brass section. The trumpet, the trombone and the saxophone were added to the guitar, the double bass and the drums – and so, Mad Heads XL project was created. It was really the birth of the new band, different from MAD HEADS in many senses (yet there's much in common). The common is, they are still a live rock-n-roll band, with the proper energy and delivery. Rock-n-roll is a backbone of the band's music.

     The difference is, there's less psycho and rockabilly in it, more ska-punk, neo swing and even ethno-punk instead. All that doesn't mean Mad Heads are not ever going to perform as a trio anymore, but they find their XL project more interesting now.
     Mad Heads XL - "Mad Heads" perform regularly throughout Ukraine as well as doing club and festival gigs abroad including Russia, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Holland and Great Britain.

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site:

mp3"Come And Be Mine" - /2.65 MB/

mp3"Undertaker's Party" - /3.75 MB/



     Genre: Rock'n'roll

     Languages: Ukrainian

     Musical Influences: rock'n'roll, folk, rockabilly

     In the summer of 1993 Yuriy Zhuravel' decided to create a band commited to playing something different, crazy and dynamic. In 1994 the band "Ot Vinta" played their first concert. In 1996 they made their first recording in a Lviv studio and were named the best rock-band of the year by the local mass media.
     "Ot Vinta" regularly performs all over Ukraine, as well as gigging in other countries like Russia and Poland.

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site:

mp3"Drygtyndymba" - /2.30 MB/

mp3"Ty Kazala..." - /4.17 MB/



     Genre: Hard Rock

     Languages: Russian

     Musical Influences: thrash metal, rock'n'roll, russian rock (Alice in Chains, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More)

     The band was founded in 1996 by ex-members of the "Domkrat" Band and the lead guitarist from "Stage Dive". In 2003 Rafinad released their first album, "Jungle" which included 11 songs and 3 bonus tracks.
     Rafinad regularly performs different festivals and biker shows throughout Ukraine as well as doing shows in other countries like Moldova.

     For more information about the band "Rafinad", please visit their web-site:

mp3"Delirium" - /3.84 MB/



Kryhitka Zahes 

     Genre: Alternative

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

     Musical Influences: post-punk, trip-hop, grunge, brit-pop, pop

     The name of the band "Kryhitka Zahes" comes from the book title and hero's name  authored by German novelist Theodor Amadeus Hoffman. The Group performed their first concert in 1999.
    Latest news: 2005 , first album "Na pershomu mistci" has been released.
     "Kryhitka Zahes" is regularly performing during different festivals and shows all over Ukraine.

    For more information about the bands visit their web-site:

mp3"Vmeneyemen" - /5.7 MB/



     Genre: art-gothic-folk-classic-rock-show adapted for the stage

     Languages: Ukrainian, German, English

     Professional credo: dynamics, experimentation, professionalism

     Motto: God! Love!! Ukraine!!!
     A talented band consisting of 2 vocalists, 4 musicians (percussions, solo-guitar, bass-guitar, synthesizer).

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site:

mp3"Oi ne boodoo kavoo peela" - /1.26 MB/

mp3"Zozulen'ka" - /1.27 MB/



     Genre: Death Metal (Death DOOM + Black Metal)

     Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

     Real metal tunes and dark lyrics will not leave you indifferent if you like Death Metal.
     The band "NEOPHYTE" (from the Latin "Newly-Converted") was founded in the autumn of 1996 in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine by Yuriy Chornyayev. The bands members were prepared for their first concert at the end of 1997. Afterwards, the band experienced a number of line-up changes. At that time musicians held their rehearsals in the basement of an apartment block building.
     The first concert of the band "NEOPHYTE" was in 1998 at the "Khortytsya" club. Later this same club became the bands rehearsal site. During 2000-2002, the band began experimenting with female backup vocals, but all their attempts failed  because of the hard-edge and harsh musical style they incorporate.
     In the summer of 2004 the band recorded their first five track demo album "Apocalypse here and now", which was released in 2005 as a split-CDR "NEOPHYTE vs LIFE DENIAL".
     In the summer of 2005 the band recorded their three track promo album "promo 2006".
     You can see and hear "Neophyte" live throughout Ukraines different festivals.

     For more information about the bands visit their web-site:
mp3The War - /3.15 MB/
mp3Fear - /4.42 MB/

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