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    Our radio programs speak for themselves. Please check out the programs below and demos in our demo section and see if you don't agree that we are the leading edge producers of dynamic audio productions for Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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Radio program "Culture Mix" Radio Program "CULTURE MIX"

Radio program

    Radio Program "CULTURE MIX" is our new project.
Music type: URBAN: Hip-hop, Trip-hop, D&B and a little New rock.

    The "Urban" Radio format is indisputably #1 in the world among young listeners. It is a proven format that cannot be ignored.

    "Culture Mix" reflects this format and in so doing creates an image of all things "trendy" and "fashionable".

    We are excited about the prospects for this program and it's success in Ukraine and other East European countries.

Radio program "Rock Planet" Radio Program
Radio program

    "ROCK PLANET" is a revolutionary new concept in Ukrainian radio broadcasting. It is the first show of its type in the entire former USSR.
Music type: New Rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock etc.
    One example of a highly popular segment is "English you will never learn in school". In using American and English slang accompanied with music, we provide a comical interlude that listeners find amusing, entertaining and educational. A few examples of slang could include hammered, smooch, yummy, what's up, goofy, etc.

Radio program "Coffee Break"
Radio Program
Radio program

    Format includes various types of the easy listening genre, coming across in a soft and inspirational uptempo feel.
Music type: MoTown, Soul, Soft Rock, Blues, Country etc.
    Radio Show "COFFEE BREAK" is a short program being less than 10 minutes. It has an easy soulful format that can be used as a segment for morning "breaks' or promoed as a separate program. It also includes historical footnotes on the artists featured.


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